The story of Untermünkheims RC-1/F3A-aviators

It all began with a couple of friends, who worked and handled with small and self-made rc-airplanes between the 50’s and 60’s. One of the main initiators was Karl Däuber. With him and especially because of him the MFC Untermünkheim 1973 was founded. For Karl Däuber there has never been a standstill, neither at building his models nor at what was happening in the sky.
And he was also the uncle of Ewald Trumpp, who is todays club chairman. Furthermore he gave all his models and distant controllers to his nephew who back then was only 6 years old. Among the years, everything took its course. In the 80’s Ewald Trumpp had his first RC-1 and F3A-competition, 1996 he participated at his first European Championship. A lot more competitions followed until 2003.
Not only Ewald Trumpp but also his friends Andreas Künzel, Martin Küstner, Holger Küstner, Andreas Küstner, Bernd Wamsler, Wolfgang Kemmler and Daniel Setzer were fascinated by the exact and most difficult class of Rc-flying. Incidentally, all of them are still active these days! A big fan group arose, which accompanied the current competing pilot of the F3A group. Not to forget the ones supporting and rooting from home during the championships. The whole club has been behind the pilots and the F3A-scene.
All of this happened a while ago and again it was a young boy, who absolutely wanted to fly. Hardly being able to say his first words properly, he already had small freeflight gliders. His first rc-planes were the Graupner Sky Surfer and the Kadett at the age of 4. And once again it all happened in the same way: At events and airshows Robin Trumpp often participated as the youngest pilot. For example the F3A World Championship 2001 in Ireland, when he suddenly took his father’s pattern plane and started doing a little show.
In 2007, when he had just turned 14, he immediately won the competition to climb in the German Bundesliga for class F3A. In 2010 he participated at the European Championship in Austria for the first time. Since this time he established his position in the German team. 2011 he became the junior vice world champion and 2013 he achieved 8th position at the World Cup in South Africa. In between he reached 5th at the European Cup in France, 6th at the European Cup in Lichtenstein and 10th at the World Cup in Switzerland 2015 – always in the top ten. His family, friends, the whole club and the community Untermünkheim back home are always with him. Even the local press regularly reported about big competitions in F3A. One should not forget that the club and the pilots have been supported by the local community, other clubs and the neighborhood; they all give what they can. That’s the only way the club and their top pilots are able to succeed.
The biggest highlight and challenge that will go down in the clubs history is the “European Championship 2016”. Everyone prepares and looks forward to meet the international pilots and guests. We already want to say: “Hello and a warm welcome to the teams!”
And maybe again, there will be a young boy, who is infected and impressed by model flying. You can already notice him…